Travis C. Glenn



   I develop and use modern DNA techniques and technologies, especially Next Generation DNA Sequencing techniques to address problems in environmental health & other fields related to environmental health (ecology, genetics, infectious diseases, toxicology, etc.).  In particular, I use my background in evolutionary biology to develop foundational technologies to improve human health and the health of the environment we depend upon.

    I have been in the Department of Environmental Health Science, in the College of Public Health, in Athens, Georgia since December 2007, and was at UGA’s Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) from 1998 - 2007.

    Students and Researchers at all levels work in my labs.  People often visit my lab to develop or genotype microsatellite loci & more recently, to learn 2RAD and DNA capture techniques, especially for UCEs.  If you are interested in visiting or joining my lab, or just want to learn more about what I do, please visit some of the other web pages linked to this page (see menu at the top) & then e-mail me.

  Environmental Health Science

College of Public Health

University of Georgia

    TCG with a 5 foot alligator.  Notes: 1) the gator is COLD (note the jacket & waders), 2) I am simply holding the feet together with my left hand (the gator is normal), 3) when the gator warmed up, it was able to express its displeasure with me!

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